Our Bulk Herbs

Our Bulk Herbs

Nuherbs® was born out of the effort to find herbs of the highest quality for our family’s herbal pharmacy and retail store. Throughout our three decades in business, our concern has always been to safeguard the health of our customers by providing the safest, purest, and most effective herbal products. We believe in a sustainable health and wellness practice for our community and our planet’s ecosystem. We take great pride in our responsibilities as caretakers of traditional Chinese herbs. Our practices include:

  • Geo-authentic herbs – herbs sourced from their indigenous regions to ensure that they are grown in the right climate for maximum potency.

  • Proper identification and processing of herbs to yield the safest and highest quality herbs.

  • Proper handling and storage practices to protect the purity of our products.

Although we are working towards unifying our bulk herb lines, the small demand for some of the herbs leaves us with a challenging task. To learn more about the differences in our bulk herbs lines, see the comparison chart below. Keeping the differences of your budget in mind, we offer three product lines:

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See our Certificate of Analysis for a detailed look into the Nuherbs inspection process.


Nuherbs Herbs

Nuherbs Lab Tested

Nuherbs Organic

Geo-Authentic Source

Harvest at Peak Potency

Macroscopic Inspection by Master Herbalist

Microscopically Verified


Herbal Identity Verified by Chemical Assay


Traditionally Processed to Maximize Potency & Safety

Processed at cGMP Factories

Batch Inspection to Ensure Quality & Safety


No Preservatives Added


Certified Organic


Transparent & Traceable Supply Chain