Consistency, Availability and Repeatability: How to Achieve Supply Chain Resilience in 2024

Our team is headed to SupplySide West in two weeks. As we’ve started to talk to our partners who are attending the event, the topics of ensuring ingredient availability and building supply chain resiliency are two themes that keep presenting themselves.  Wilson wanted to provide more insight on these, so he created this video on one of the biggest trends we will see in 2024: 

What’s one of the biggest trends in sourcing, supply chain and supplement development? It’s supply chain resiliency. In this video, Wilson answers your questions: 

  • What do health, wellness, and nutraceutical companies need to do in order to maintain continuity in their supply chain?
  • What considerations should companies take into account about keeping their manufacturing running smoothly in 2024?
  • What are some of the considerations companies should take into account about ingredient availability? 
  • Supply chain resilience involves taking certain environmental factors into account (like climate change and the need for creating more sustainable practices), what are these considerations?
  • In certain product categories, demand has doubled or tripled. It’s difficult to prepare for that sort of demand, how do companies go about doing that?  
  • What should companies take into account when it comes to single or double sourcing key raw materials when the herb/botanical comes to China or another port of origin? 
  • Digital technology is beginning to play a crucial role for companies. How is technology being used in supply chain management for ingredients? How will this evolve?