Final and Third Session of Strategies for What Lies Ahead

Full Recap

In our final and third session of Strategies for What Lies Ahead, we took a deep dive into how to reopen successfully from insights gathered from previous webinars

An interesting foreshadowing of our topic comes from reports out of Texas and illustrates the preparedness (or lack thereof) when it comes to many businesses reopening under restricted guidelines. The article from states that of the audited businesses in the Dallas, Texas area that were open on May1-3, a whopping 96% of them were not compliant under safety guidelines. We want to make sure that this fate does not happen to our community; scroll down for tips on how to successfully reopen your office.  (To read the full article from fast, click the link here)


One of the best ways to instill confidence and assurance in your patients is to set proper expectations when it comes to safety changes that have been implemented.  Outreach can be done by variety of ways such as posting updates to your website and/or social media or making calls/text to alert people of what to expect going into your office.  As we learned form our Telehealth show, video is also an instantly accessible way for your patients (established or new) to learn how you are keeping your community healthy and safe through these times.  

More tips include:

  • Protocol Recommendations: offering contactless payment, creating a phase-in schedule of availability and conditions to treat, posting a cleaning log of heavy touch areas, creating and posting infographics of proper sanitary practices.  For a more comprehensive list of protocol recommendations, visit our Strategies recaps here: Strategies1Strategies2
  • Recording Video: make a script to keep your message concise (~1 min) and show your personality, make this informative of your clinic and a call to action to schedule their appointment
  • Post your updates everywhere: email/newsletter, website, social media, walls/doors of office

Business Model

Let’s talk how to adjust your plans, not your goals. Together, we heard from this community as well as industry pros on how to make the best of the interesting situation we are in.  For many of you, adjusting into a hybrid business model (in-person and virtual health) seemed a more efficient use of time and resources.  Over 70% of our polling audience said that telehealth/virutal health would become a permanent service to adopt. Another tip to making prudent use of your time was to offer free virtual consultations.  This tool has a multi-faceted benefit of: 1) decreased time spent questioning/interviewing in the clinic 2) decreased physical contact while observing social distancing where possible, and 3) allowing for appointment times to be utilized more efficiently, all while still being able to build rapport with patients before stepping foot into the clinic space.    

PPP Update

And finally, we want to encourage all those who have not but were considering signing up for the federal Paycheck Protection Program through Small Business Administration. There are still funds left to disburse to your small businesses, and you could have up to 75% of the loan forgiven if used properly. This link can provide a bit more information on the current status of the loan program for small businesses.

Nuherbs Practice Building Open Forum: May, 19,2020 (9am PST)

Next week’s show will be our first Nuherbs Practice Building Open Forum.  We’ll be hosting an hour-long meeting to let you ask questions to fellow practitioners, share best practices and learning opportunities you’ve experienced.  Feel free to email your questions or topics you’d like to discuss to or

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