From Wall Street to B Corp: A CEO's Mission for Environmental Stewardship

Beth Lambert, CEO of Herbalist & Alchemist, joins us to share her journey of discovering the B Corp movement and how it resonated with their commitment to producing quality herbal supplements that prioritize both people and the environment.

The conversation delves into the challenges and benefits of the certification process, including the importance of quantifying sustainability efforts and the continuous drive for improvement.

Beth's passion for sustainability and the company's dedication to being a force for positive change shine through as they continue to explore their path to transformative sustainability.


1:03: The first company to be certified with B Corp

4:00: Overview of B Corp and the certification process

6:53: Changes in B Corp certifications

12:08: Governance Challenges for smaller companies

13:31: Benefits for becoming B Corp certified

15:57: Examples of Zero Waste Standards at Herbalist & Alchemist


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