TCM Journeys: An Interview with Dr. Bing Yin Lee


Why did you become involved with TCM?

When I was a child, I was very sick and after exhausting all possible avenues, my father went to Jing’an Temple and made a promise to Guan Yin that if I were cured by a Zhong Yi Shi [a doctor that practices zhong yao (Chinese Medicine)] that he would dedicate my life to zhong yao. I really am fortunate because I was able to honor my father’s vow and also do something that I extremely enjoy, helping people. So, medicine was a natural fit for me.


What is in your cupboard?

Shi Quan Da Bu, Gan Mai Da Zao, Ba Zhen, Bu Zhong Yi Qi and of course a lot of ginseng soup, but I keep that in the refrigerator.


What are your hobbies?

Besides TCM, I used to be an avid shopper, but now I like to go to Dim Sum, travel, and spend time with my old friends. Would you like to go to Dim Sum? Treasure your friends.


What is your favorite place?

Being a city girl, my favorite places are cosmopolitan cities such as Shanghai, Paris, and New York City. But really, nowadays, the best place is where family and friends fill the air with laughter and conversation.


Are there any tidbits of herbal wisdom that you want to share?

Don’t fall in love with any particular formula or herb; you must focus on the patient and what he needs. Address the pattern particular to that person.


What are your thoughts on the future of TCM?

The future of Traditional Chinese Medicine is bright because in today’s mass-market society, it provides personalized health solutions that are tailored to the specific individual’s needs.