Thank You For Making SupplySide West A Success!

Vegas never disappoints! It was a pleasure meeting you at SupplySide West #SSWExpo. One of my favorite things is to meet with our current customers, as well as explore new possibilities with manufacturers that I would love to work with.

As we discussed at the booth, Nuherbs has multiple ways to be a full-service partner for manufacturers, brands, and distributors. Here are the things that we featured at the show:

  1. A vertically integrated supply-chain for organic hibiscus grown in Mexico allowing us to offer dried material, liquid extracts, and powdered extracts.
  2. Our Bespoke Extracts Program featuring Hibiscus and Echinacea;
  3. Supply Chain & Inventory Management via our California warehouse;
  4. How we can help you expand your products into other formats and delivery methods


Future of Supply Chain: 2023 and Beyond

I also wanted to share an insight from the panel that I was a part of at SupplySide West with Jim Emme, Melissa Mack, Brea Viratos, and Mark Le Doux.

As the session was winding down, an attendee asked the panelists:

“How can we ensure that we aren't buying an ingredient at too high of a price point?”


Jim Emme answered it the best:

“If the ingredient costs have become too high for a product, they will temporarily stop producing it because they can't provide value to their consumer.”


My add-on to that is that:

Buyers need to stop looking at things from a purely transactional viewpoint, we also need to focus on relationships. Partnerships allow us to align our interests.

For example, I am advising clients that are interested in Nuherbs’ organic sour jujube date seed to consider pausing this item, or buying the bare minimum that they need. This way, they have it  just when they need it, and if they have to have it, because the current prices are too distorted.

When you ask me:

  • Will this impact my business?
  • Will this impact my sales?

The answer is yes. However, I protect my partners and my relationships with them by providing you with honest answers. Our relationship and partnerships are far more valuable than the incremental amount of sales.

When companies and individuals stop being purely transactional, and focus on partnerships, we both will get better outcomes because we are working toward a common goal of mutual success.

You can watch the panel for free on the SupplySide Network, you simply have to create an account.

So once again, thank you for meeting with me at SupplySide West. If you have any questions about  Nuherbs, our product development capabilities, questions about our ingredients, or supply chain and inventory management services, send me an email and we can set up a time to speak.


Wilson Lau, Nuherbs




Wilson Lau, Nuherbs