Herbal Formulas

Herbal Times® Teapills

Our high-potency, lab tested teapills offer practitioners over one hundred formulas intended specifically for clinical use. Slightly larger than traditional teapills, Herbal Times Teapills are designed to reduce dosages, which improves patient compliance.

Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas

Created for retailers, our traditional teapills have English descriptions of formula names and ingredients to demystify classical Chinese herbs. Jade Dragon Classical Formulas are ideal for an herbal pharmacy or health food store.

Patent Formulas

Although TCM formulas are often custom designed, there are many ready-to-use herbal remedies have been used in China for hundreds of years. We carry many of these popular items like Po Chai Wan, Gum Wall Tea, and Natural Herb Loquat Extract.

Teas & Infusions

Herbal teas long-standing history in Chinese culture endures today, and for good reason. These mild-tasting remedies are often used daily to support physical and mental health and well being through the infusion of nature’s wisdom.

Bulk Herbs

Nuherbs® Organics

To ensure the integrity and longevity of Chinese medicinal herbs, Nuherbs Organics products are sustainably farmed and wildcrafted, promoting ecological balance and preserving biodiversity. In addition to the identity and purity benefits of our Lab Tested herbs, this line is preservative free.

Nuherbs® Lab Tested

Nuherbs® Lab Tested herbs are analyzed for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial elements. Every herb is macroscopically identified by our Master Herbalist, and chemically identified as outlined in the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopeia. While several herbs require sulfur, 98% are processed without it.

Nuherbs® Chinese Herbs

Nuherbs offers over 300 geo-authentic Chinese herbs carefully sourced by our Master Herbalists. They have been carefully processed according to traditional methods to maximize their potency.

Other Products

Moxa & Clinical Supplies

Practitioners can choose from favorite brands and locate items that are difficult to find in the USA from our extensive inventory of supplies for the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. We offer everything needed for the treatment room and herbal pharmacy.

Topicals & Ointments

Herbal remedies for external application are essential components of the Traditional Chinese Medicine cabinet. We carry a wide variety of patches, balms, oils, and sprays such as White Flower Oil, Ginseng Soap, and Ching Wan Hung.

TCM Herbal Reference Books

Our range of titles spans the entire paradigm of Oriental Medicine: herbs, formulas, acupuncture, diet, Qi Gong, internal medicine, and philosophy. Our current favorite is Dr. Fraktin’s Essential Chinese Formulas, which covers 225 herbal formulas their clinical categories.

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